If you want to keep eyes hydrated and looking bright then look no further than this – The products from the New York brand Bliss Spa is by far one of my favourites I keep using time and time again.

This fabulous every day eye cream has a unique formula combined to lock in moisture, protects with antioxidants while helping to brighten the look of dark circles. It’s very lightweight texture says it all, not too oily and feels like you’re not wearing anything on your skin. Also, perfect for all skin types too and highly recommend integrating this product as part of your beauty regime. There are very few products such as this which is rare when it comes to choosing the perfect eye cream that is matt and no excess. In order to keep eyes hydrated apply this lightweight cream around your eyes each morning and night. The end results are outstanding so your eyes will feel rejuvenated, hydrated and properly hydrated. On the plus side of things this product will keep them looking fresh and on the bright side perfect for surviving Fashion Weeks. We see more and more products aim on being natural and Bliss Spa are proud to include Paraben Free products too.

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Joey de Cordero Contributor

Edited by Savannah Barthorpe


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