In this collection, the Korean Kang Dong got inspired by the following themes: “inevitable interaction” which in Chinese means yin and yuan, the two most powerful symbols of Buddhist culture. We can see that there is a great contrast of colours between black, white, red, mustard and beige.

Vivid and strong colours that represent different meanings, for example, the bold red represents the destiny. A collection with clean lines, sharp and sophisticated cuts. Garments embroidered with Chinese letters that gives a strong and oriental look.

Long tapes, irregular zips, belt loops and buckles and detachable straps attached into the fabrics, creates a perfect and minimalist silhouette.

To add, Chinese symbols were applied on the faces of the models as make up, which completes this magnificent well structured collection.

Editor Savannah Barthorpe

By Diana Ferreira


2017-06-12-PHOTO-00000148 2017-06-12-PHOTO-00000149 2017-06-12-PHOTO-00000155 2017-06-12-PHOTO-00000156 2017-06-12-PHOTO-00000157 2017-06-12-PHOTO-00000159 D.GNAK182017-06-12-PHOTO-00000150

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