International Fashion Stylist - Celebrity
Stylist - Image Architect - Wardrobe

Photographers, DOP
Josh Thompson, Malcolm Targett, Liam White, Gregor Hohenberg, WOLAND, Oggy Yordanon, Christopher Simmons, Natalia IIina, Jemima Marriott, Lou Denim, Paulia Otylie Surys, Sophia Kahlenberg, Sarel Jansen, Natalila Skobeeva, Miguel Domingos, Maria Lundby Rekaa, George Althaus, Sebastien Pons, Claire Harrison, David Brunetti, Kunal Basu, Maki Murata, Clive Warwick, Ayo Banton.

Zink Magazine, HUF Magazine, Revs Magazine, Blond Magazine, 55 Pages Magazine, Mood Magazine, New Style Magazine, Kitten magazine, 1883 digital, Fiasco Plus, Papercut, Canary Wharf Magazine, City Magazine, London Golf Magazine, Black Hair Magazine.

Grandmaster Flash, Lang Lanf, Natasha Barnes, Tony Blackburn, Mel B: Brit Awards, Amanda Mealing: Actress, Liliana Nova: New York Actress, Emma Pollard TV Presenter, The Norris Twins Actors, Kristian Marr Musician, Eda Ines Etti Estonian Music Awards.

Advertising / Clients
Sony Music, John Lewis, Nescafe, Universal, Decca Records, Ministry Of Sound, Now TV, HMX Media, Premier Public Relations ltd, RunWild Media, Ghost, Boodles, Lucet Mundi, Paola Balzano, Bumni, Scottish House Branding, Institute of Materials Promotion, Black Hair Magazine, Calvin Ayre.

"Styling is a form of communication and I pride myself on my ability to really understand and translate my client's needs and expectations. I bring a wide range of influences to my work and I am passionate about collaborating with creative teams. Working with current trends, or more unusual themes, I bring a focused and dynamic approach to any project."